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Here’s Great Advice from a Real Estate Expert  

You may have heard of Saul Klein, he’s been serving the real estate industry for over 40 years. As a recognized industry pioneer who paved the way for real estate’s transition to the online world, he knows what it takes for an agent to be successful.  

One of Saul’s often-quoted sayings is, “Your first job is to sell yourself!” And he offers an important tool to help you do that by establishing your personal brand.  

Establish Your Permanent Personal Brand with MyRealTown (Formerly Internet Crusade)

Your name is the first thing people learn about you. You can use it to establish your personal brand by using a self-branded domain name and email address. Point your domain name, like, to your website and establish an email address similar to  

Permanent personal branding looks professional, and it will allow you to:

  • Increase your competitive advantage by standing out from the crowd of agents using a Gmail or Hotmail address. 
  • You also won’t worry about a change in brokerages changing your domain name and email address. 
  • Make it easy for people to contact you – all they need to do is remember your name!
  • Forget worrying about printed business documents such as business cards becoming obsolete because of a change in your email address or domain.
  • Use a default domain name that represents your brand on your website, but keep your permanent self-branded domain pointed to it, and use your permanent self-branded email address.  
  • Work with Real Estate Professionals

People like Saul Klein are behind MyRealTown and its services, and can help you make the most of your real estate marketing skills. In addition, you’ll get support from Realtown’s North American team members who will make using your permanent email and domain a breeze.  

Take Action Now! For a limited time, MyRealTown is offering a 30% discount on your first year. You’ll receive a permanent email address and a free domain for just $99.99 for one year! Don’t delay – this offer won’t last. 

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